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  • The welding technology of steel coiled tubing is generally T-type welding technology.

    There are many factors affecting the appearance quality of weld seam of carbon steel coiled pipe. Summarizing the production experience of spiral steel pipe for many years, it mainly includes comprehensive factors such as welding parameters, wire shape and position parameters, flux flow, flux process performance and forming seam. The influence of welding parameters mainly includes two aspects: (1) According to the production characteristics of spiral pipe, welding current is usually smaller in internal welding and larger in external welding. However, under the condition of larger welding current, the stirring effect of molten pool intensifies, and the melting amount of welding wire increases accordingly, resulting in higher residual weld height, worse weld formation and poor edge transition. (2) The welding voltage is conical because of the arc shape, and the welding voltage directly affects the length of the arc. Therefore, with the increase of welding voltage, the length of arc increases, the moving range of arc spot enlarges, the pool widens, and a wider weld formation will be obtained. If welding is carried out in horizontal position, the width of the weld will only be changed, but the edge transition of the weld will not be affected. However, the external welding of spiral welded pipe is carried out on the slope, and the molten weld metal will flow laterally under the action of gravity. It can be seen that the larger the welding voltage and the wider the pool, the more serious the tendency of lateral flow of weld metal will be, which will eventually lead to the deviation of weld metal.

    Thick wall coil

    From the two aspects of pipe making and inspection equipment, they have the ability to produce high quality steel pipes. Before the trial production of each batch of steel pipes, we carry out strict process evaluation according to the standard. According to the evaluation results, we determine the technical parameters of steel pipe production by optimum selection to ensure the production of high-quality products. Then, according to the technological process developed by the company, it is decomposed into various positions of production and inspection, and the technological parameters and operation methods of each position are worked out to guide production. In the process of steel pipe production, we strictly supervise and inspect the implementation of process discipline, take corrective and preventive measures in time for the problems found, and check them according to the company's quality assessment system to ensure the strict implementation of process discipline and the quality of products. Our company has established a full-time inspection organization, responsible for the quality inspection of the whole process from raw materials to products in storage. The steel pipes manufactured by Chicheng Company have been inspected by 100% internal weld, 100% X-ray inspection (there is no blind zone at the end of the pipe), 100% hydraulic test (sealing at the end of the pipe, reducing the blind zone at the end of the pipe to * small), and 100% external inspection (including internal and external welds and base metal surface). Our company's laboratory is equipped with advanced inspection equipment, such as imported Spark direct reading spectrometer, digital tensile testing machine, etc., which can test the mechanical properties of products for accurate chemical analysis; on-line ultrasonic automatic flaw detection device and X-ray industrial flaw detection device, which can carry out 100% non-destructive inspection of products, and automatic hydraulic test. The recorder can ensure pressure and pressure on each steel pipe according to the prescribed pressure and time.

    Large diameter coil pipe

    The coiled pipe is devoted to the production of all kinds of coiled pipes and steel pressure pipes with ring seams and longitudinal rings, and is reformed on the basis of the same specifications and models of traditional coiled pipe equipment. The function of increasing the parameters of pipe rolling equipment by 30% fills in the blank that the traditional rolling equipment can not produce. It can produce steel pipe with a diameter of more than 400 and a wall thickness of 8-100mm. The main materials are Q235A and Q345B and 20 # and 45 # and 35 CIMO with 42 cimo, 16 manganese and 16 manganese capacities. The implementation criteria are GB/T50205 to 2001, GB/T3092 to 2001, etc. Rolled pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas transmission, piling and urban water supply, heating, gas supply and other projects. English Name of Welded Pipe: Welded Tube, Welded Pipe Definition: After the strip is curled into a tube with specified shape and size, the pipe is welded to the joint by proper welding method. Applied disciplines: Material science and technology (first-level disciplines); Material science and technology foundation (second-level disciplines); Material synthesis, preparation and processing (third-level disciplines); Plastic processing technology (fourth-level disciplines) coiled pipe is committed to the production of ring seam, longitudinal ring coiled pipe and steel penstock in the same specifications and models of traditional coiled pipe equipment. Based on the transformation. The function of increasing the parameters of pipe rolling equipment by 30% fills in the blank that the traditional rolling equipment can not produce. It can produce steel pipe with a diameter of more than 400 and a wall thickness of 8-100mm. The main materials are Q235A, Q345B, 20, 45, 35cimo and 42cimo, 16 manganese and 16 manganese capacities.

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